Handling Your Procurement Study, Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, and More

What Can Global Nexport Do For You?

Global Nexport is comprised of a group of experienced professionals working internationally in the field of Engineering “MEP” Designs, Procurement & Operations, Pre-Project Planning, Project Finance, Commodities Trade, Market Analysis, and Business Consulting industry since 1997. 

Our seasoned professionals assess and craft Market Analysis based on their extensive experience, and expertize making them Authentic. Ethical. Compassionate. Smart. Committed. Inventive. Loyal. 

Procurement Services

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Designs

Construction Site Services

Fleet Maintenance and Operations Support Services

Infrastructure Project Studies

Global Nexport is the leading international procurement solutions and business consulting firm.

Let us help you control costs, reduce risks, and drive savings to your bottom line. Our company provides a variety of services, such as engineering “MEP” designs, procurement and operations, pre-project planning, project financing, commodity trade, market analysis, and business consulting.

What is procurement and how can we help your business?

Businesses use procurement solutions to manage their procure-to-pay processes efficiently. Compliance standards govern this process, which is very time-consuming for companies, especially those operating internationally. That’s where we come in — our experts can handle everything from supply chain management to engineering services to financial solutions and more. We can also assist with decision making, building management and maintenance, construction administration, cost estimation, and documentation.

Oz Josefian


Global Nexport removes the burden of sourcing, procuring, delivering, supply chain managing, and maintaining in various industries from our clients. We provide these services, so our clients can focus on their projects instead of having to manage their Procurement Sourcing Strategy and supply chain management. A thorough market analysis is carried out before devising a Sourcing strategy. Since 1997, Global Nexport has developed a profound experience in various industries for goods and services, which enable us to expand our services for our clients anywhere in the world. At Global Nexport, we have the prepared mind to take the right actions in order to Prevent The Potential Risks.

IT firms, Hospitals, Corporates, Retailers, Schools, Universities, General Contractors, and Manufacturers.


We provide guidance on identifying value-adding opportunities and building a realistic strategy for managing services spending.

Oz is highly knowledgeable in his field of business. He is capable of quickly understanding his clients' business models & needs. He is a delight to work with, and I have also noticed how he is willing to help his teammates for the best results. I highly recommend Oz Yousefian.

In the 38 years I've been in business, there have been several people who I've enjoyed working with, but only a handful that I truly respect for their work ethics and integrity. Oz Yousefian is one of those special people you don't meet often throughout one's career. Having the opportunity to work with Oz has shown me that when you have a high respect for your customer, a synergy develops that makes business dealings almost effortless and enjoyable. Unfortunately, this kind of business relationship is a rarity that you can only hope would occur more often.

Oz is a pleasure to work with. Always has great ideas for getting to the next level. Detail-oriented yet understanding of the big picture, he is very professional in his approach and always willing to find ways to solve a challenge.

We will reach out to you to discuss your plans and how we can help you.

Based on extensive experience and expertise, our seasoned professionals craft a market analysis for your business. We will be glad to answer any questions you have and provide you with an estimate for services.